Light Speed

To every question,
there is action asking you
to hear what you see,

And how to listen
becomes a lesson you need
to learn to be free

Unnattachment is
Independent of so called
high powers that be

To love at light speed
Emotions overflow and
become your creed as

Connections unfold
in undulating molds of
truths called poetry

Journals of journeys
bent to warp your time and space,
And cosmic questions

calling attentions,
Commanding actions that ask
you know who you be…

Such innerstanding
hears and feels for Light you see,
Fulfilling the need,

Pay close mind, because
Lack response IS a response,
and it always was…

Trust and believe.

© 2009-2013 Arkay Evans

The Poet As I

Once upon,  
we came  
a long, long way  
to make a living ~  
Forgetting what  
we need to Live  
Only to return  
For our poetry  
is breathing ~  
We inhale,  
and hearts beat;  
We exhale,
and words play
from far beyond the chest  
Till the finite  
body’s death,  
Through the dispersion  
of the essence  
as our Love remains  
in the absence  
of breath,  
And though our lives  
will cease to be,  
How we’ve Lived  
is always left
The Poet As I © 2009-2013 Arkay Evans
Image:  © 2009-2013 Arkay Evans

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